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Neighbouring clubs unite for gambling ad ban in football

Neighbouring clubs Lewes FC, Seaford Town FC, Newhaven FC and Peacehaven and Telscombe FC have taken a united stance against gambling advertising in football. All four clubs have announced their support...
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Carshalton Athletic back gambling ad ban in grassroots football

Carshalton Athletic has announced its support for The Big Step’s campaign to end all gambling advertising and sponsorship in football, joining the likes of Tranmere Rovers, Dulwich Hamlet, Edinburgh...
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Football supporters unite to demand ban on gambling adverts

Today, we have launched a new coalition called Football Supporters Against Gambling Ads (Football SAGA) to bring fans and supporters together, enabling them to collectively speak out about the...
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Chippenham Town FC announce support for The Big Step's campaign

Chippenham Town Football Club has announced they are supporting The Big Step’s campaign to end all gambling advertising and sponsorship in football. In doing so, the club joins a growing list of teams...
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Our letter to the EFL

We are writing to you as part of The Big Step, a campaign comprised of people harmed by gambling, including those formerly addicted to gambling, and affected others, including families bereaved by gambling-related...

Annie Ashton's letter to Leicester City Football Club

Annie Ashton, who lost her husband Luke to gambling-related suicide earlier this year, has written to his beloved Leicester City Football Club, asking them to end all their partnerships with gambling companies.  Leicester...
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Lewes FC to teach pioneering new gambling education programme

Lewes FC is the first football club to sign up for a pioneering new gambling education programme produced by Gambling with Lives, a charity set up by families bereaved by gambling-related suicide, of which...
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Dulwich Hamlet FC announce support for The Big Step's campaign

Dulwich Hamlet FC has announced they are supporting our campaign to end all gambling advertising and sponsorship in football.  Our campaign has already won the support of several MPs, including...
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10 reasons to kick gambling adverts out of football

This season, 90% of Premier League clubs have a gambling sponsor or partner. This arrangement gives gambling operators a vehicle to normalise and advertise addictive products in front of billions of fans...
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Won't somebody please think of the footballers?

We often talk about the harm the gambling industry inflicts upon ‘ordinary’ football fans, and rightly so, but what about the industry’s impact on professional footballers?  Words by Tom Fleming Countless...
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