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We’re in the top 100 Changemakers of 2023

We’re delighted to announce that The Big Step has been included in The Big Issue’s top 100 Changemakers 2023. 

The annual edition celebrates ‘organisations and people who are ‘making things better’ Changemakers come from all walks of life, from those quietly helping others to the ones loudly agitating to improve our world. 

The Big Issue editor Paul McNamee explains:

“it’s a celebration of the people and organisations who have focused, not on themselves, but on making things better for all of us. Selfless, frequently unheralded, though sometimes a little better known, they have noticed something that needs done, that which lifts others before themselves, and rather than wait and moan they do it. They can lead us into the new year”

The Big Step was included in the ‘Health and wellbeing’ category:

“In the UK, the gambling industry spends £1.5 billion a year on advertising, and 60 per cent of its profits come from the five per cent of gamblers who are either already problem gamblers – or at risk of becoming so. The Big Step are working to end gambling advertising and sponsorship in football. Led by people harmed by gambling, the campaign went from strength to strength in 2022, gaining support from figures across politics and football, from Manchester mayor Andy Burnham to players in the FA Cup, the Scottish Women’s Premier League Cup and the Women’s Championship. Teams donned yellow laces on their shoes to raise awareness of the campaign which seeks to place pressure on the government to take action. The UK government also ruled in 2022 that gambling ads featuring sports and TV stars are to be outlawed – a step forward, but a bigger one is needed to fully sever the ties: The Big Step will continue to see this realised.”

James Grimes, founder and lead of The Big Step said:

“I’m really chuffed and proud that we have been included in this list. We don’t walk up and down the country in the rain and cold for awards or accolades, but it is nice to get grassroots recognition for our community of people harmed by gambling alongside so many inspirational individuals and organisations.

“The change we want to see in 2023 is an end to gambling sponsorship & advertising in football and we hope that with every step we are changing attitudes and actions in relation to gambling harm. It’s only a matter of time before gambling ads are kicked out of our national sport”