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The Big Step’s March event announced!

This year, we will be holding a remote walk on the 6th and 7th of March. As some of you may know, we usually organise group walks, which of course isn’t possible at the moment due to the pandemic, so this time we will be holding a COVID-friendly remote walk! 

But what is a remote COVID-friendly walk I hear you ask? 

Our aim is to (collectively!) walk 1,137 miles – the same distance it would take to visit every Premier League, Championship and Scottish Premier League club that has listed an official club gambling sponsor or partner.

As much as we like walking, we’re going to need as much help as possible to achieve our goal! As it will be a remote event, you can walk as far or as little whenever as you want over that weekend – to your local football ground, a lap of the park or even just around your living room! It’s completely up to you.

We will record the total distance walked via the Big Team Challenge app. Don’t worry if apps aren’t your thing, you can just tell us how far you’ve (truthfully!) walked and we’ll put it in manually. 

Every mile walked will count towards our total of 1,137 miles and help raise awareness of  harm caused by gambling, and let’s be honest, by then we could probably all do with the exercise too! 

To get involved, please email [email protected] for your participant pack and link to order your Big Step t-shirt or hoody!

If you haven’t already, please sign and share our petition.

Thank you for your support!